Wednesday, February 24, 2010

entertaining thoughts

Lisa, a friend of mine from Dallas, came to NYC to take the test to be a Producer's Guild intern and I got a house guest for a few days! She was pretty much the best guest anyone could ask for. She cooked me a delicious vegetarian dinner, took advantage of my MoMA hook up and brought me cupcakes! She even got us front row tickets to West Side Story, and didn't mind that I spent the whole time drooling over male dancer thighs.

Then she stole my kitty and now I hate her!
Just kidding... Splinter had to go back to Dallas because I'll be out of town for most of March and can't just leave her. (Lisa took that picture of her, don't you want to die?! Look at that face!) Lisa was so sweet to take her as carry-on and hand her off to my family last night. I'm just sad. Nonny kitty was my last little comfort. I just have to plow through this last week and a half and then I'll be out of the city. I'll spend a week in Culpeper, VA doing archivist things and then head off to Salt Lake for Missy's wedding where I'll be met by B for his annual birthday week of fun with our favorite friends ever. Then only a month after that we'll all be back together for a glorious summer.
Then... who knows.

Lisa, thanks for hanging out with me and for taking such good care of my precious little furball. See you in April! (She's coming back for an interview for the same gig...)

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  1. OMG Brittan I miss you already!!! And Splinter was SO good, once we were in the air she went right to sleep and didn't wake up until 10 seconds before we landed.

    Oh, and you weren't the only one drooling over those West Side Story boys. ;)

    I don't have the interview yet, but I can't wait to see you in April if I do!