Tuesday, February 23, 2010

let's talk about MoMA!

My internship at the Museum of Modern Art rules. I've been cataloging records of old film exhibitions, which doesn't seem too exciting, I know. BUT! I get to read emails and letters between studios, curators and filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Michael Haneke. I've actually learned so much about the process of setting up an exhibition (which is a lot like what I'm familiar with from film festivals but there are some significant differences) and balancing relationships with important people and your public. I've also learned so much about the "culture" of an institution, what that means and why it's important to uphold it.

This is what my desk area looks like:
File after file, film book after film book. Stacks and stacks of research on every film and director. It's basically a class in itself and I love it.

Today my supervisor and I watched a print of Herzog's The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans to see how it looked and I learned a lot about how to assess the physical condition of a film print on the screen (I inspect condition by looking at the film itself at my job, but not on screen). I'd really been wanting to learn how to do that, so today was a great day! I also LOVE the Chief Projectionist and want him to teach me everything he knows. Just chatting with them for a bit before the screening taught me so much. I can see that I'm going to take so much away from this experience.

Also, New York friends, please take advantage of the fact that I can get you into MoMA and any of its screenings or events for free! I also get a 50% discount at the MoMA store. Let me know if you're interested. Might as well take advantage of it before it ends in April! The Tim Burton exhibit is still there and it's a must-see!


  1. ohh..
    your internship is the coolest.

  2. --re: my blog--
    That post was a bit of a stretch with diversity in Provo haha. you just really gotta look.
    and alas, NEW YORK WILL SEE THIS FACE. I was just looking up the interships at the MoMA. Which one are you doing? Im not quite a junior but I reckon I could get in earlier as an international student. i want. i want.

  3. I was just there a few weeks ago - but it was President's Day and I didn't get into the Tim Burton exhibit. :(