Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's in your bag?

My new favorite blog, The Swede Records, spilled out the contents of her purse to share what she carries around every day and why. I've seen this done on lots of blogs and decided it's time to keep it going.

Until I get my perfect Janus Films bag to carry to school every day, I am rotating through random totes and my trusty Mary Poppins (it holds so much!) purse:
From ModCloth.com

Dump it out and you will find:
- A smaller bag made out of seat belts that holds: my glasses and cleaner, white out for all the many mistakes I make, ChapStick for kissin', Purell because I ride the Subway and my favorite hand lotion.
- My iPhone which is actually rarely in my purse because it is constantly attached to my hand. It's embarrassing how dependent I am on it.
- My Skull Candy headphones and iPod that doesn't hold enough but let's me listen to Notorious BIG and the Magnetic Fields (currently on rotation) while I walk through the city.
- A notebook that I made by hand at the New York Historical Society + pen because ideas tend to come to me at the most inconvenient of times.
- My Flip Mino HD just in case I need to be the next Zapruder.
- My Brownie 8mm camera. Isn't it pretty? I have one roll of Kodachrome that is dying to be shot but I'm waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Okay, your turn! Blog about what's in your bag and why, then link me to it so I can read. Fun!


  1. you hvae an 8mm camera? ahhhh!
    what fun. I so badly want a film camera. or any camera for that matter. that rolls and lets me capture more than a snapshot.