Tuesday, March 23, 2010

B is 8 years old... what?!

I'm a little in shock. I'm not one of those parents who wants their babies to stay babies forever, but it is a little jolting when you realize you are nowhere near experienced or equipped enough to have an 8-year-old. Still, it's cool watching him grow and I live for birthdays, especially his!

Back in Utah we had dinner with Jaren's grandparents and then a chocolate cherry coke cake that I spent all day making and didn't even get a picture of! (There's video... I'll get it up here one day.) B got this awesome Ninja Turtles Blu-ray box set--it looks like a pizza box!--and a Star Wars lunchbox (filled with candy, of course). Katie made B the coolest white tiger (B's favorite animal) by hand! She took better pictures of it here. He would probably be mad at me for broadcasting this, but he totally loves stuffed animals and sweet, cuddly things. Shhh.
Leaving Salt Lake was hard, especially when we then spent two days trapped in the car in a blizzard that followed us from Utah to Texas, but it was nice that he was forced to hang out with me! I took advantage of it by poking him repeatedly and feeding him Pop Rocks. Most mature mom ever!
Family birthday pictures up next and then I'm done, I swear! This new camera has resurrected a monster...


  1. Oh I love that little guy. Poke him and hug him for me.

  2. oh what a beautiful little boy you have!

    okay, enough is enough. i get back to new york on monday. what does next week look like for you. we must get together. stat.

  3. Happy Birthday B! Love the pics.

  4. I hope he's liking his stuffie

  5. Awe your son is adorable! Happy Belated B-day B! I can't even stand the thought of mt baby boy turning 8! tear.