Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 2 at LC Culpeper

So, what's happening here is that my eyes are puffy and swollen from a bad night and it is 9am, when I am typically full of hate and broken dreams anyway, and I am being forced to smile for a picture.

BUT! I finally have a picture of my whole class to show everyone! Here we are, from left to right... Sam L., June, Erik, Sam O., Ashley, that lovely creature of grace and beauty, and Candace. These are the people I spend just about every day of my life with.

We started out today in the nitrate vaults which put me in a significantly more attractive mood. All of this stuff is nitrate film (now banned because it's highly combustible/can kill Nazis) and we got to handle and inspect it!

Yes, Ashley.
The curled up piece of film with the note attached is a piece of court evidence from the Edison trial which ruled that he created transparent film stock.
And these jewels, which need no explanation...
And, finally, your's nerdy. Planning her future.
We spent the second half of the day learning audio. I maybe don't get quite as excited about audio, but I definitely learned so much and feel like I finally understand preservation and listening standards. Which is relevant if you like to, you know, listen to things.

Back to the above picture. I am actually planning my life here. I've been doing a lot of that lately, and feel like things are all coming together in my head these last couple days. It's so exciting to learn that my crazy dreams are maybe not so crazy. B and I are going to have the raddest life ever! Also, I have better hair and posture than that normally. Again... mornings.

The nights have been full of big dinners, room parties and me booty dancing in tights. Also, I remembered 80% of the words to "Chickenhead" by Project Pat... which I have not heard since high school. I am not proud... but maybe a little proud.

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  1. ha! youre too funny! I heart nerds! I'm glad that everything is coming together nicely. Hope B is doing well.