Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is this the Truman Show?

I am the most awkward.

Today in the insanely crowded 5th Ave./53rd St. station a man playing guitar began to sing Besame Mucho to me very loudly. Not even to me--at me. He walked up and serenaded me as ALL THE PEOPLE watched uncomfortably.

Once he finished his song, he proceeded to speak to me in Spanish and then proclaim "What a beautiful woman! She should be the happiest woman in New York!"


Please imagine me dying as large crowds of people stare, look away uncomfortably and/or laugh. WHAT IS MY LIFE?


  1. BUT WHY ME??? i hate people.

  2. Did he finish with "Everyone give a round of applause for Taylor Swift!" hehe. Oh, NY - a city like no other!

  3. He might be crazy, but he's right! ;)