Sunday, March 28, 2010

Social life? What's that?

I was getting depressed over the lack of movies in my life lately, so I'm making a concentrated effort to find time to keep up. I did see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Friday, and it was good. Actually it was exactly like the book. Very Swedish (+10 points), gripping enough to not get boring, awesome lady lead but not I'm not going to tell you all to run out and see it. I do remain extremely happy that the Swedes got to it before Hollywood. I also tried to take a picture of myself in the cute keep-your-ears-warm head wrap thing Katie got me, but I just ended up looking frightened and awkward. Still... thank you, KT!

I spent all day yesterday in a basement in Brooklyn, by myself, cataloging CD-ROMs. If you've never spent a Saturday like that, I recommend never trying it. Unless you want to be a cataloger, in which case DEFINITELY try it and you will be forever cured. Once I got home I had even more work to do on that little gem of a project, so going to a movie was not happening. I rented In the Loop instead, and very little work actually got done. Huh-larious! (Please picture Tracy Morgan saying that.) I love those Brits. Wish I was one. Also, James Gandolfini and the girl from My Girl (who reminded me of the obnoxiously political career-driven types from my undergrad in all the right ways). Whoa. DO see this one if you haven't! If I had money I would already own it.

Today I had brunch with Danielle, always a highlight of the week, and then we went fabric shopping... quite unsuccessfully as it turns out most fabric stores aren't open on Sunday (side note: I didn't even realize it was Sunday until this point in the day... sad). Still, always nice to hang with her. I finally stocked my fridge with all sorts of fresh goodness, ran errands, joined the gayest gym in the country and rented Paris 36 (so excited). I'm not really enjoying the fact that my weeks are so cramped with work from sun up to sun down that Sunday is my only day to do life things... but you do what you gotta do. I'll return to some sort of normalcy in my 30s. Oh gosh, I did not just type that. Yes I did. Ugh.

Tonight I've lured Swinny over with the promise of a home cooked meal and someone to do yet more work with. Whether or not that actually happens is debatable but this project is due tonight either way, so I'm going to try. Working on my spirituality and "me" time? Dating? Meeting people? Catching one of the bajillion great bands playing here on any given night of the week? A distant dream...


  1. so you have to turn off a burner or two, but it makes the fire under those others that much hotter!

  2. What did you think of Paris 36?! I've been wanting to see In the Loop since last summer, if I make it through this semester, I'm gonna rent it, haha. Can we please hang out? ~Sam L

  3. samma, we can hang out ANY time. you should come watch movies with me. i have netflix! and i'll cook! the possibilities are endless!