Sunday, March 21, 2010


B and I spent the week in Salt Lake, hanging with our awesome friends. B got to make up for lost time with his bff Jaren and I got to hang with my Katie and Lainey! We saw Alice in Wonderland, which was just as sloppy as the trailer made it look. The kids weren't even into it, but the loads of greasy food provided by the theatre seemed to make up for it.
Plus these two were just ecstatic to be back together.
Post-movie Baskin Robbins brought back so many childhood memories. Who didn't live for Pink Bubblegum ice cream when they were little?! I know I did.
And then Lainey told me I was her best friend and she loved me and my heart melted all over that cute Hello Kitty hoodie and skinny jeans. Maybe I spent the rest of the week catering to her every whim and letting her put on makeup...

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