Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Housekeeping 125th Anniversary

I had the most amazing night last night. Swinny and I went to the Good Housekeeping 125th Anniversary Gala. The event was hosted by Brooke Shields and included so many of the most important women in showbusiness, politics, art and commerce. (I never realized how progressive GH is - they were the first to publish The Feminine Mystique!) Even the cover lady, Michelle Obama contributed. I felt humbled to be in the midst of such greatness. My eyes welled with tears as I watched video of the suffragettes, the icons, the hellraisers, the women who broke down walls and ceilings. I remembered my undergrad when I stood up for feminism where it was not welcome, and I felt ridiculous for ever letting a relationship break me down. But then I realized that one of the things that makes the greatest women great is their capacity to love and empathize. The firey, opinionated, empowered achiever in my heart woke up and I thought about all my hopes and dreams, my strength, my pride in being a mother and my ability to do anything because of the road that's been paved for me. At one point a dancer came on stage wrapped in purple and I recognized it immediately to be a Martha Graham modern dance piece and completely lost it. This was a woman whose movements taught me how to be expressive when I didn't have words and she, along with so many of the women in attendance or represented there, have shaped my life. The night ended with Meryl Streep giving an impassioned monologue of Susan B. Anothony's speech upon her arrest for voting, and Aretha Franklin singing respect and inviting us to sing along with her. What a beautiful night. I have never been more proud to be a woman.

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  1. That sounds so amazing. What a great opportunity for you to be able to attend!