Monday, April 19, 2010

grad school blues

my life is crazy right now... and not the fun kind.

well, that's a lie. friday night was insanely fun. we celebrated the 2nd year MIAP students thesis presentations with several bars, dinner and skeeball in brooklyn, all night karaoke, crappy diner breakfast in chelsea and then even more fun at my apartment... maybe i went to bed at 10am.
maybe i feel more than a little guilty...

but it's back to the life now. the life where i am completely out of money, have 3 huge projects/papers due in the next two weeks that i am nowhere near far enough along on and don't have enough hours in the week for everything that needs to get done.

can someone please explain CD-ROM file migration to me? or why i should care?


currently i am in a fight with the nyu cinema studies students (MIAP is a division of CS) because their workload is so much lighter, they only have to take 3 classes a semester, have all this free time for internships and jobs and are allowed to focus more on their careers than their classes. i definitely love my program and know that these classes will help me have a great career. i know i'll have an even better chance of being employed right after graduation... but when my friends who started at the same time i did are preparing for graduation by then end of the summer, i can't help but be a little pouty.


then again... i will be in l.a. being fabulous in a few days, see hanson in less than a week and be back with my b and splinter in 2 weeks. life is not bad... i think maybe i'm just not good at this whole higher education thing.


  1. wah wah wah. :) tough it out girl. you are amazing and you will be even more amazing when you're finished!!!

  2. I heeeear you. 13 days till i leave for australia. it seems so close but so far away. so much crap to sort through here first then im (pretty much) freeee!