Saturday, April 3, 2010

The. Perfect. Day.

Surprise! I am in Texas for two days on businessyish things and it does not suck. In fact...

I think I could be kicking the bucket soon, given the rare strain of excellence that today was, and am totally okay with it. Today was everything I've been craving lately (down to the details) and I soaked every second of it in. It didn't feel too short or too long. There were no worries. Today was perfect.

I got in to Dallas before 10am (an hour ahead of schedule... how does that even happen?) and was greeted at the airport by my grandma and my beautiful B. I didn't even have a second for the sickish "WTF am I doing back in Dallas" pit to set in my stomach. I just saw that little face and attacked it. Happiest moment.

Much to little dude's dismay there were several errands to run, but I sat in the back seat with him and cuddled/chatted/made farting noises which seemed to help. When we got back he showed me all of his recent accomplishments that we didn't have time for last time. His report card (all A+'s WHAT!), his new piano songs (you would not believe--note to self, take video) and all of his (stacks and stacks of) artwork. Then we went outside and I sat in the warm grass and watched him skateboard and climb trees like the old days. (The days we both agree we miss terribly.)
There came a point when we were just laying around talking about life and rubbing Splinter's belly, when B told me he had had enough talking and needed to go play with his friends. I reluctantly let him go without a hug (the look of horror I got when I requested one in front of his friends told me this is no longer acceptable) and felt a nice, quiet, peaceful feeling that I haven't in a long time.

Knowing all is right with him again, I let my best friends come scoop me up for an evening that was Austin-calibre awesome. We bought $7 t-shirts and $9 shoes (God bless Texas), and walked over to a patio for chips, salsa and basking in the warm Texas sun. It felt so good to laugh loudly and be myself. There is no blessing like friends you can't bs because they know you too well. It removes all pretense and any need for explanation... or sometimes even words. And there is no cure for the NYC winter blues like a patio in Texas.
Oh no wait. It gets better. We went to Man Factory's CD release show. If you've forgotten, they're one of my favorite bands. Ever. The show was epic, as evidenced by these rad Street Fighter pictures. (The third would be Justin basking in the glory of remaining undefeated at Street Fighter all night.) (I don't understand why my hair looks so dark... moving on...)
I was a little nervous to see some people who would be there but everyone was so cool. I was most happy to be with these two. I forgot that there are people in my life who love me because of who I am. I used to have a rule that every time I was with them I would try to spend that day like it's the last time I'll ever see them. It's a good way to live most aspects of your life, I think.

I needed this so much, to be reminded that life is good. On the drive home we sang "you are so young, so feel alive" and I did and we were.


    Also, 2 items to discuss:
    1. Yes please, can we hang out when you are here for the Summer? I am a super huge loser with no friends. Therefore, I have no life an am able to hang out whenever anyone so pleases.
    2. OMGHARRYPOTTER. We are offically going next Spring Break and I don't think I could geek out more!

  2. you're right...nothing cures the nyc winter blues like a warm patio in texas with chips and salsa. trying to get there myself. soon, very soon.

  3. I'm glad you had a lovely time. I'm so happy you got to see your little guy ;) love skateboarding pics!

  4. this was fabulous. i need to be reading your blog more often - your honesty, your thoughts, your personality are real, and raw (and funny).

    Loved this - "I needed this so much, to be reminded that life is good. On the drive home we sang "you are so young, so feel alive" and I did and we were."

    This weekend, sipping coffee in my mother's kitchen for the first time in a long time was a similar experience. Oh, but I needed to be reminded that life IS good.