Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Pleasure of Being Robbed is about Eleonore, a girl about my age who lives in New York and finds connection to the world around her by stealing it. She steals everything from grapes to cars to the time of annoyed strangers.
She always seems almost frighteningly at ease with her lifestyle.
It's a funny, strange, quiet look at someone living directly in the moment and seizing absolute joy from it.
I absolutely love what Michael Atkinson said about it on IFC.com:

I haven't seen the likes of Eléonore (Eléonore Hendricks) since the '70s, when Cassavetes movies bristled with compulsive nowhere figures living out their no-future lives by trying to seize the elusive present, and trying to do so with a fire in their bellies.

It also has one of the best posters in recent history, but that is not where I'm going with this.

The film has been running through my head quite a bit lately as I find myself really getting into the groove of this city that has become my home, and then just yesterday something occurred to me. I was riding the E to work, listening to Queen and played Somebody to Love, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy and Don't Stop Me Now very intentionally in that order. As I watched the strangers coming on and off the train, I found myself biting my lip to keep from grinning ridiculously. I couldn't help but imagine what everyone would do if they could all hear what I was hearing. Would they sing along? Of course they would. My imagination took off and that ride to work suddenly became immensely entertaining, and my day brightened.

That's what I do. My headphones are constantly on. I listen to the Velvet Underground while walking down Broadway in the snow. I listen to Television on the Lower East Side, Waylon Jennings on the plane to Texas and vintage Jay-Z in Brooklyn. The other day when the V was so crowded that everyone was squished together and could barely breathe I listened to the Misfits and the moment came alive to the soundtrack. I never realized it before, but I guess that's how I connect. The city can be lonely and I think we all have our ways of coping.
Does that make sense? What do you do?

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  1. i posted a pic of lainey in her misfits shirt on my blog for ya!