Monday, May 10, 2010

Hendrick's second to last show

City Tavern wasn't so bad but downtown Dallas made me miss New York so much.
No need for expensive valet in New York.
No bougies in their teeny dresses stumbling across a tasteless red carpet in front of a horrible club called Plush with gawdawful music blaring from its doors.
No stretch hummers running over flowers as they try to turn corners.
At least not where I hang out in New York.


But Jay was there playing his last show (that I'll be here for) with the band he's been in for 8 years--as long as I've known him--and I would cross the desert on my knees for him.
Also Ashley Hall and her boobs were there.
It was like travling two summers back in time.
It was equal parts awkward and cool and maybe a little sad, though the guys seemed okay with the break up. And Josh Hendrick is still going to be my leading man in the movie I'm writing.

Mostly it was just nice seeing the look on this dude's face when I popped in to surprise him. I love you, Jay Briggs!

"Anyone Else But You" from Brittan on Vimeo.

(Side note: we made this video to cheer Ashley Hall up forever ago. I just remembered that. Cute!)


  1. AW BRITTAN! That is the cutest video EVER, and that boy.....

  2. look so hot in the pic with the gray shirt and red scarf! Hair is epic!

  3. still one of my most favorite videos in the entire world!! (monkey)

    oh, the boobs... i'm still trying to figure out where they came from! (maybe i should have left my jacket on for the picture..)