Saturday, May 8, 2010

it's oh so quiet

I am back in the Lone Star State and it's... eh... you know. It's Texas.

So far I have:
Been lectured about my tattoos and life choices.
Eaten my weight in the best queso/guac/salsa in the whole world.
Biked all over creation.
Finished(ish) writing the last of my papers.
Fallen asleep next to B before 10pm every night. WHAT?! ...I know.
Gotten some sun on these pasty legs.
Been freaked out by how quiet it is here.
Wished I was back in NYC.
Started back on my vegan diet/daily workout regimen (salsa pigout was the last hurrah).
Listened to lots of classic country and American roots music.
Obsessively checked Twitter to see what's happening in NYC.
Harassed my cat.
Hmm. Yep, that's about. Nothing exciting to report, just getting back into the groove of normal mom/kitty friend life. I have missed these two so very much. I suppose now I know why I've been such a dysfunctional freak of nature all semester. (I've tried to leave that out of the blog dialogue with the exception of some whining here and there but, yeah, it's been not the best semester of my life... "Not the best" being Southern for "the worst.")

As awkward as it is being at home and as difficult as the past few months have been for me, I can honestly say that I am feeling at my very best these days. It will be a lovely summer and there is so much to look forward to in my academic, career and personal life when I head back to the city in the fall. I feel capable of just about anything right now.


  1. Being home is always so different. I heeear you. and even though it's not the best- you'll totally make the most of it. Your kid just sounds to die for.

    At least you are having an actual 'summer'.

  2. Oh my you are going to be in TX for the summer?! Maybe I will get to see you when I'm down in June!!

  3. We missed you Friday night! But, then, sweet bedtime, kitty loves and all that sounds just as awesome!!

    Glad you made it home safe and Happy Mother's Day (in case you didn't see Twitter)!