Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ok, ok TCM Day 3

or, The Most Fun I've Ever Had at the Movies.

Blame Swinny for the delay of this post. She was holding the pictures hostage and it just wouldn't have been the same without.

So. Despite a late night, I leapt out of bed to make it to a 9am screening of Play Time. Let me just tell you a little bit about how much I already love everything about Jacques Tati and this film. He makes B laugh. He makes everyone happy. Play Time feels brand new every time you watch it. Really. Watch it. Also, I love big film. 70mm. Bring it, baby. Play Time was shot on 65mm and this was a brand spankin' new 70mm print that I was about to deflower with my eyes, so I was one happy gal.
I expected it to be beautiful and big, but I was not prepared for riding the edge of my seat with wide eyes and wonderment for two hours. I discovered new things in every single corner of every single frame. This shot (below) actually blew my face off. Like, I had to reconstruct it by hand so I could keep watching. If anyone wants to find me a hi res, non-watermarked version of this, I will do something equally nice for you in exchange.
I left Play Time able to state with 100% surety and honesty that that was the most fun I had ever had in a movie. By the end it was like riding an actual carousel at an amusement park (while wearing a fantastic dress and hat like Tati's ladies), and I was ever so swept away. Even if you can't see it all big and fantastical like, you should definitely see it.

Next I went to Festival Shorts, introduced by Leonard Maltin. The biffle. It was here that I learned that he can be just as gushy about short films as I can and fell even deeper in love. Seriously, the first thing he said was "I love shorts!" and I whispered "I love shorts too!" and our heartstrings intertwined. I even took a horrible iPhone picture to commemorate the occasion. Behold.
Yeah. It wasn't a very heavily attended event but whatever. (I guess they were all freaking out with Ashley at Joan Crawford's Home Movies.) The shorts were fantastic and fun, if a little studio safe. The best by far was a 15 (or so) minute conspiracy theorist film about John Wilkes Booth that I have yet to find online. Anyone have leads? The self explanatory and ever relevant Movie Pests (1944) was great too.

I ran from shorts back to Grauman's for North By Northwest (Swinz went to A Woman's Face, natch) to gawk at the incredible Martin Landau in person and see Mount Rushmore in VistaVision on that glorious, giant screen. Nothing could stack up next to Play Time (especially not Hitchcock... sorry) but Eva Marie Saint's sexiness and the crop dusting scene made it totally worth it. I semi held my breath all the way up to that iconic scene and felt completely satisfied when it was over. Another good time at the movies.

The next choice was not as difficult as I thought it might be. The Graduate at Grauman's would have been suh-weet, but I've seen it in cinema before and Singing in the Rain is one of the most influential movies of my entire life so... ayeah. Growing up as a dancer and movie lover, Cyd Charisse was my ultimate idol. My numero uno. My aspiration. I maintain that she and Gene Kelly are the greatest pairing of all time. I cried when she passed away. And I hollered inappropriately loudly, right there in front of all my fellow TCMers, when that green shoe of her's first graced the screen.
Also, "Moses Supposes" (aka the best dance number ever in a movie) was IN-CRE-DI-BLE. It will never be the same watching it on the small screen again, without a lively audience to give it a standing ovation right there, mid-movie. This is me on the front row of the balcony in the Egyptian Theatre pre-Singing in the Rain, barely able to contain myself. Can't you tell?
We skipped out on choosing from the final screenings of the night because a little jazz trio called Mike Gurley and The Nightcaps was at Club TCM playing 40s music and I wanted to get my slow dance on. A wonderful soul named Rich took pity on me and we danced the night away, east coast, west coast, slow, lindy, two step. Man, that dude could dance. Thank you, Rich! One of the best days and nights of my life! I miss that sexy Club TCM...
Day 3 will definitely go down in history as the day I made Swinny love Tati, the day I finally got to dance... with a man... who could dance and the day that I had the most fun I will probably ever have at the movies! It was also the day that they announced there would be a fest next year and Swinz and I started planning...


  1. your hair is so beautiful!!

  2. oh it just all looks like so much fun!
    i'm gonna be in provo doing a little play. (but shhh, i've not told anyone that) mid june through mid sept. will you be close by so we can play?!