Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prom Weekend

This was my last weekend in Texas so I spent it in my favorite city - Austin - with my favorite people, celebrating my birthday (which is actually June 19th but I'll be in Hawaii then, far away from everyone I know). I'm turning 25 and am not sure how I feel about it yet, so I decided to celebrate it by doing something I've always wanted to do -- go to prom!

I missed my high school prom for obvious reasons. (My son just turned 8, I am nearing 25...) It never really bothered me but I love a chance to wear a fancy dress and dance, and how many chances do you get to do that in life?

We threw my prom at the American Legion in Austin, a ridiculously awesome old building with lots of space, an incredible view and a giant front lawn complete with a train car and cannons. Annie Ray came and took pictures, which I'll put up as soon as I get them, and a bunch of 20-somethings got to re-do prom. (How hilarious is this picture?)

Can we talk about my dress for a second?

I have dreamed of wearing a Betsey Johnson dress since I was 12 years old and would press my nose against the window of the BJ boutique at the Dallas Galleria and drool. This was literally a top 5 bucket list wish until a couple months ago when the glorious city that I now live in had a Betsey Johnson sample sale and I walked away with THREE BJ dresses for a quarter of the price of one. I wore two at TCM but saved the third (and best) for the big 25. Let's all ignore the fact that I'm pumping gas in that picture and marvel at the awesome stitched into every inch of that dress. I stuffed two sets of petticoats underneath it and spent the rest of the evening spinning in circles (and probably showing off my undies) like a 5-year-old.

I had so much fun and fell in love with Gregg, Justin, Adam and Greg all over again. All the usuals plus some new friends were there and two of my favorite girl friends, Kerie and Kyndell, came this time. My buddy John from New York was there and Black Mike donned a Blondie shirt just for me.

I had delicious vegan orange chocolate and chocolate coconut cupcakes (finally!) made by Meghan at Sugar Tooth Bakery.
I danced all night with the Prom King.

Justin got ICED like a bro.

All the best parts of high school and some of the better parts of being out of high school.

I really couldn't have asked for more.


  1. That looks so fun!!!
    And that dress is too pretty!!

  2. Oh wow, this is amazing! I'm glad you got to have your prom!