Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the quiet life, or the most boring post ever

Thursday B had his second ever Cub Scout den meeting. He is super embarrassed by his uniform and (as you might be able to tell) did not want me taking these pictures. Whatevs, that's my job. Minus the scowl in the first two photos, is this not the cutest Cub Scout you've ever seen?!
After Scouts my buddy Matt and I decided we needed a little country livin', so we got in the car and drove till we found a suitable place to stop for lemonade and a game of catch. It was good for the soul, and I took lots of pictures on film that I can't wait to see.
Friday my migraines came back so I spent the day reading/napping and the evening watching Hitchcock movies with B. I think I was in bed by 9:30.
Saturday we went out to my mom's house and made fresh limeade and a from-scratch Mexican dinner. We cooked for a solid 3HOURS. How do people even do that?? This is why I prefer to eat so simply, but I digress. It was noms and my part of it was vegan. I didn't get a picture of the finished meal because by the time we were finally done I was tired and just wanted it in my belly.
We talked and watched TCM (The Blue Dahlia and the original Thomas Crown Affair, starring my favorite actress Faye Dunaway) and a BBC miniseries all night (hello Byron, whoa!) while B and my 12-year-old bro played. It was nice to catch up and have someone to play with my hair and not judge me when I stuffed my face and then spent the rest of the night on the couch watching movies.

The rest of my time here has just been spent with B--riding bikes, going to his school for lunch, reading, laying in the grass, watching him play piano. Last night as I was putting him to bed he had a moment of pure comedic genius that sent us both into one of those incurable laughing fits. I am so content with this. I feel extremely fulfilled both in the fast-paced, exciting parts of my life and in the lazy weekends and early bedtimes.

(Full disclosure: I did go out to Denton last night after B went to bed and spent the night at a bad karaoke bar with the other Britt and his friends, having maybe a little too much fun. There is video.)


  1. 3 hours? I can spend an hour just wondering around haha but not threeeee.

    but, your boy is uber cute. he's got that hair that everybody loves these days. Like Beiber hair..it just kinda shwooshes. ha

  2. Okay, I'm even more excited to see that boy IN FLORIDA! Seriously, you birthed a stud. How does it feel?

    Goodnesss I love you!

  3. This was far from a boring post! Sometimes the simple things are what we overlook and make some of life's sweetest moments.

  4. i think "you birthed a stud" might be the best compliment ever. britt that should totes be your new motto!