Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day/First Full Day of Being 25

(This is late because I didn't have internet but just pretend...)
Hi Dad! Happy you day from us in Hawaii!

I spent my first full day as a 25-year-old (who still feels like a 13-year-old) at the beach with Emily and her roommate being awesome, taking fancy iphone pictures and getting this weird thing called a tan.
She is way more iphone photogenic than I am. So are the palm trees.

Then we went to dinner where I was way over dressed (as usual) and went totally craycray with the carbs (as usual). It felt so good.

And then, just as I was getting ready to end my self-indulgent birthday frenzy, we walked past a Betsey Johnson boutique. Things got out of control.
OMG. Just looking at those pictures fills me with a confusing combination of elation and regret. I love you Betsey. To the parents... I am so sorry that I introduced Emily to Betsey Johnson. Things may never be the same. In conclusion: harmful UV rays, swimming far out into the ocean, wearing a bright red dress to a casual dinner, eating my weight in bread/pasta/cake, Betsey Johnson. Sounds like a good birthday to me!


  1. That dress is way cute! Glad you had a wonderful birthday! :)

  2. please tell me you got that dress.. because it screams your name.. and so do the shoes.

  3. you are too cute and so gorgeous!! hawaiiiiiiiiiiiii....yum. and yes, i agree with mrs. allen, that dress has me swooning.

    ps: when i turn 25 and i'm in ny (and you are too. you are right?!) can you take an awesome cupcake picture like the one below. it may be the greatest thing i've ever seen.

    pps: I'D LOVE TO MEET SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS HERE (particularly the one's with the horses, but don't tell them, i said that, i'll sound shallow).