Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hi from HI!

welp, i'm here and un-jet-lagged. i only have an unloaded film camera at the moment so the iphone is going to have to cut it for now. i'm staying with my sister until i can find housing. this is my first time meeting her and it's pretty rad. she is super smart and talented, and looks like me. pictures soon!

so far i've managed to drink slurpees, find a vegetarian grocery store, eat the best pineapple i've ever had in my entire life and lay around the beach hoping to take the edge off my white girl glow. my internship starts next week and my birthday is this saturday, so i'm trying to plan an awesome weekend for myself. if you've been to oahu and have any tips, please share! 
more soon.


  1. wait, are those buoys or animals in that last pic?

    also, you WOULD find pineapples for 69¢. and i WOULD comment on it. ...because i am a 12 year old boy.

  2. You are so far away from me now! Texas was bad enough. I hope you're doing great. Seems like you are. More pictures please! Even from the iphone. I love you, B.

  3. Happy Birthdays to us :) Have a blast in HI :)

  4. A sister! Pics please! You know, I simply love stalking you...