Thursday, June 10, 2010


b tested for the LEAP program today. if he gets through all three rounds of testing (this was #2) he will go to a different school for third grade and be in a special class with the brightest third graders in the district. it's a huge opportunity for him and he did amazingly well today. a couple school district officials worked with him for three hours and came back assuring me that i had an incredible kid on my hands and had done a great job. he got up to an eighth grade GT level on the test before they cut him off, which just blows my mind. i'm so proud of him. the struggles of parenting a smart kid are so worth it when you see them realize their potential and feel proud of themselves.

the wizarding world of harry potter was amazing (as you might gather from the pictures) except that the park was only open for two hours a day. we were very angry with universal and i did my fair share of letting people know. we decided to come back early but still managed to have a great time and, really, the butter beer made it all worth it.

i don't really know what i'm doing with my life. i leave monday for an internship in hawaii that i'm dreading. i realize that this makes me sound like an ungrateful twit, but i don't want to be alone all summer. what i really want is to quit everything i'm doing right now, scoop up my son, run away to colorado and let my soul be healed by long talks, slow walks and just being with bonnie. when we get down to it, the things that really matter are the people who love us unconditionally, right? not career or accomplishment or money or image, just love. real love is so hard to come by but there is b and there is bonnie, and that is all i want right now. i have dreams of my own, sure, but i don't even know if i could realize them in the state i'm in right now. i need to make things right. blarg. will contemplate further before making any rash decisions.

i was planning on watching a screener of the radiant child last night but ended up watching hockey and get him to the greek instead. hockey was exciting but i would have preferred jean-michel basquiat to not-up-to-par apatow. which reminds me, have any of you watched varda films like i told you to? let's watch some together and let the mama of the new wave make everything better, what do you say?


  1. YOU are a wonderful mother. I know this. You have sacrificed much for B and if you can just pull through this time, you will find your bliss soon enough. You're going to do amazing things. I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Post lots of pictures :P Take care of you!

  2. I will wait for the day when you do finally come cocoon with me. I promise lots of yummy vegan food and wonderful afternoon talks and walks and hugs and cries. And our kids? The thought of all of them actually together. In the same space. Sharing and learning and laughing and playing together. Well, I'm about to get teary eyed just thinking about it.

    I know you'll find your way soon, my Britt. Just hang in there a little longer. And always know I'm here for you. And the offer to come be with me, for however long you need, is always, always there for the taking.