Saturday, July 3, 2010


i've calmed down. 

i went to a very nice dinner and a movie, walked around in the rain.
discovered the military base and those who inhabit it. 
met a fellow texan.
made weekend plans.

i'm still overwhelmed.
i really want to help my archive, but it's just me and there is so much to do. 
i have a lot of work to get done before monday and personal life stress is in the way.
but i just have to do it.

anger is counterproductive.

it would be easy to hole up in my room feeling sad about moments lost this weekend;
to pour myself into my work all day and go to bed angry.
but i am the queen of dusting myself off, lifting my chin up and moving on.
so here's to being calm and effective at my job and my personal life.

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