Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friday = swimming with dolphins!

This goes down as one of the coolest experiences of my life! Ko 'Olina is an insanely beautiful part of Oahu and the crew who took us out on our snorkeling tour was so much fun! From the dock we could see the ship from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. They were shooting from Ko 'Olina all weekend. That is Penelope Cruz's ship in the distance beyond my head (you can really see it if you click the second picture), but I can't remember what it's called.
It occurred to me on the ride out that this is probably the farthest I've been out in the ocean... the real, non-Gulf of Mexico ocean anyway. Our captain, Captain Mark, drove us all around searching for dolphins.
On our first stop we got in the water to check out the coral reef and fish, and test our snorkeling skills. It turns out I rule at snorkeling (which basically just means I can swim), so I got to ride on the back of the boat and be one of the first to drop in the water on our other stops. We did two stops with wild spinner dolphins, which are the cutest things in the world. They're hyper little guys who swim in pairs and jump out of the water and spin. We had to float just under the surface of the water and try to be very still so as not to scare them away. In no time we were in the middle of dozens of dolphins swimming all around us! 
At one point we came across what Captain Mark said was the biggest manta ray he'd ever seen, and he let some of us in to snorkel with it. I wish I could explain how huge this thing was. It was probably 10 feet long and when it unfurled it's fins all the way, it was at least as wide as the boat. We did a couple more stops to check out fish and look for turtles (sadly to no avail) and then headed back to shore after a good 3 - 4 hours of snorkeling. They had a lunch of burgers/veggie burgers/hot dogs and fries waiting for us when we got back, and a CD of professional pictures from the tour that I opted not to spend $45 on. I decided to order the two that had me in them and see how my disposable camera did with the rest. I'll get those up soon.
Later that night I got to drink out of a pineapple, so I think it's safe to say Friday was my favorite day in Hawaii so far.


  1. You look totally hip and happenin. its all absolutely fantastic ..including the attractive male with his arms around you (?!)

    have fun in hawaii duuuuude!

  2. oh my jealousy knows no bounds! and you look so gorgeous. ps: that guy IS cute!!!

  3. Oh my gosh I have ALWAYS wanted to swim with dolphins!