Saturday, July 24, 2010


I saw Inception last night in the perfect seat at the Titan XC theatre in Honolulu. The theatre has an IMAX-sized screen, new projector and super comfy reclining leather seats. The sound was a little loud but the speakers handled it well, and the audience was chill. All in all, the best possible way I could have experienced the film here in Hawaii. 
I just want to share a few quick thoughts before I see it again and hear what you guys are thinking. I haven't read any reviews because those people are smarter than me and make me feel inferior. So here are my uninfluenced, probably kindergarten level thoughts.
Let's discuss! 

- I love the whole Edith Piaf thing. Very sweet for Marion Cotillard and really makes her character more ghostly and the story more surreal. Who would have thought that kind of overlap could add to the story rather than take away from it?? Not me, but it does.

- Christopher Nolan really outdid himself. He just keeps getting better and better.

- I like how straightforward the plot is. Often thrillers that have complicated/layered plot lines like this tend to cover up holes and flaws by being too vague (Vanilla Sky, anyone?), or lose some of the plot to action scenes in the editing room. This is a huge pet peeve of mine and one of the reasons I'm so easily turned off by sci-fi thrillers. I love that each layer is presented to us clearly, either visually or through dialogue, but it's still done in a creative, intelligent way so as to avoid being condescending toward its audience.

- I think the interaction between characters is nicely layered. He never really elaborates on any of the relationships within the team, but it's clear they have history and feelings for each other. It doesn't get in the way of the action, but the characters become more than pawns moving the plot along. So many action films strive for this and it's so rarely done in such a subtle, classy way.

- Furthermore, it's cute that within those interactions he plays on each of the main actors' strengths, almost like an homage to their careers to that point. Joseph Gordon-Levitt steals a cheeky kiss, Ellen Page is super smart but young and wide eyed. It feels very self aware, not predictable.

- I love the way time is handled, in particular the stunningly beautiful shots where the sleeping state is contrasted with the intense action of the dream state. The van plummeting toward the water is my favorite sequence. It's perfect.

- The writing, the effects, the detail. 10.

- Wally Pfister, the cinematographer, is amazing because he has such masterful technique and style but is able to update it artistically as special effects improve. I loved the combination of polished, enhanced sequences and handheld camera work. I am in awe.

- I'm conflicted about the ending. An ambiguous, open ending seems a little too obvious to me. I'm hoping that when I watch it again I'll be able to find a more justified reason for it.

I can't wait to hear what you guys think! 


  1. Okay I didnt read the whole post because I havent seen it yet. But I'm dying to. seriously dying! It just came out in Aus a couple days ago, so ill get there soon.
    Can't WAIT.

    Also, so glad you agree with me re: bridal post. ;)

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  3. Every time they cut to that slow, slooooowww shot of the van and the bridge my sister became visibly tense. Not bad for slow mo.

    This movie is insanely creative. I agree that the basic story is simple - which is what made it work - but the way it was told was so inventive. I found that more exciting than almost everything else.

    Everything except how hot JGL was. Oh my.

    -Sam O

  4. okay so my question is... isn't that a ridiculously elaborate, overly expensive, and ludicrously dangerous way to get someone to change his mind about something? like, wouldn't it have been easier to just pay a prostitute to tell him the same thing? the chances of his looking at her and suddenly saying, "you know you're right. i am my own man!" are about the same. JUST MINUS THE BRAIN MELTING.

    i am still dream proposing to marion cotillard, however. next time i see her. in my head.