Wednesday, July 21, 2010


in a headached haze this morning i accidentally deleted last night's post instead of the draft i meant to delete. the number of times i've done stupid things like that in the last six months and blamed it on my headaches is just embarrassing. i can't concentrate, forget things that i shouldn't forget and have a really hard time getting enough sleep. a few months ago i was cooking dinner with my friend walter and couldn't remember what peas were called. so. i finally gave in an went to the doctor yesterday, which i hate doing, and nothing really came of it. he did the standard doctor thing, "here's a prescription, if it gets worse call me." but i was firm and demanded that he refer me to a neurologist. he was reluctant but i won. i'm 90% sure it's a TMJ jaw thing, which an orthodontist can fix, but hopefully i'll find out for sure.

i don't really feel like recapping the post, which wasn't great anyway, but expect a full report on so you think you can dance tonight!

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