Thursday, July 22, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 - Top 4?

I love this show. If you love it too you should be my friend so we can talk about it.

I think it's one of the best things to happen to dance in years, and I love the crew's passion and dedication to the art form while striving to make it accessible. They're always trying new genres and consistently putting forth some of the best choreography out there right now. Even if you're not into dance, you have to admit that's respectable given the vast wasteland that television can be.

This season has been a rollercoaster ride. Some of the best routines and dancers yet, but three injuries that have taken top contestants out of competition. Alex, the best dancer they've ever had on the show, got hurt and had to leave the competition when he was just getting started. I'm not really ready to admit to the world just how sad that made me.
Now that I've resigned myself to the fact that I don't get to watch him dance every week, I'm re-excited about this season! My favorites were Kent (everyone's favorite) and Billy Bell (no one's favorite). I've followed Billy Bell as a dancer for a couple years and think he's so interesting and talented. I was pretty set on rooting for the underdog and the probable winner, but then Lauren did this to me last night:
What?! Who is this girl and why is she amazing?? That routine was INSANE. I can't stop watching it. Nappy Tabs choreographed it and they're evil geniuses, yes. Twitch was her partner and he's the best hip hop dancer out there, yes, but this was all about Lauren. Whoa.

Then this happened:
(again, thanks to Nappy Tabs) and now I'm all confused about my feelings for AdeChike. You know a routine is intense when both dancers are in tears by the end of it. I am always amazed by what Tabitha and Napoleon can bring to a hip hop routine and what a great piece of work can bring out of a dancer. AdeChike's presence is kind of off most of the time but twice now (the other time in a contemporary piece with Kent) he's put forth some of the best danced, most emotionally raw pieces of work the show has ever seen. 

So here it goes, my prediction for the Top 4:

AdeChike, Lauren, Robert and Kent
What do you think? I really want to see Billy in the Top 4 but I don't see it happening. Also, I'm so ready for Jose to go home. One of the best things about this show is that they give dancers who aren't professionals a shot, but at some point if you're not good enough, you're not good enough. 

Do any of my readers watch the show? What are your predictions for Top 4? Do you think Kent will win? Is that even a question anymore? I doubt it.


  1. Oh lady, I'm like you...I am so SAD about Alex! Especially because last season he wasn't able to be on the show! Sad sad sad. lol but otherwise I love it :)

  2. I am completely addicted to SYTYCD and have been for years! Personally, I'm pulling for Kent this season. I think he's just such a sweetie pie and an amazing dancer! If I were to have a son, I'd love him to be like Kent :)