Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back on mainland time!

Huzzah! After sleeping for 13 hours straight, my internal clock is officially fixed. I hope you guys appreciated my randomscheduled posts and that video Erik sent me yesterday that made me do a fist pump of solidarity! Now for a little catching up...

Sunday night B and I had dinner with my friend Sabrina and her husband David. I'm pretending it's because they wanted to hang out with me but we all know it was for B. This is becoming a common thing amongst my friends. "Hey... so... can your kid come play video games/guitar/soccer with me? You can come too... I guess." I kid. But not really. Sabrina rules at all things kitchen-related and whipped us up a lovely stir fry with super fancy fondu for dessert. I, being less skilled in the kitchen and having been away from Texas' little culinary joys for too long, brought Dublin Dr. Pepper (the real stuff), super crispy tortilla chips and Texas Texas salsa (you can order it online... you're welcome). Not exactly the classiest addition to a dinner party, but I think it went over well. B played video games and acted a fool (as he tends to do when he knows he's the center of attention), and I talked everyone's ears off (as I tend to do always). It was a great time. They love Harry Potter and they are married grown ups. Can't beat that.

I went to the movies the other night and saw that they were tearing down the skatepark next door to put in a Legoland. My heart died a little. So many memories at this skatepark, of B getting bruised from head to toe and thrown in a trash can at skate camp, of sitting on the top of a ramp filming my friends doing tricks, of screaming at hecklers who were messing with my then-boyf... ah the good old days. RIP Woodward.

In other news, there's been a lot of this going on...
and lots of staying up way too late together reading, listening to music and watching old episodes of Danny Phantom that I *borrowed* from the internet. (You can't sue me until you put this stuff out on DVD, Nickelodeon, at which point I will happily buy it!)

Today we went shopping for an SMU shirt for B. I'm not exactly a proud alumna or anything, but B has to wear the dullest uniforms ever to school, except on Wednesdays when he can wear a college shirt. He already has two NYU shirts, so I thought I'd mix it up a little. I also got a giant bag for lugging all my crap around New York (B compared about 50 bags, including doing all sorts of tests with each one to determine which was the best and ultimately ended up picking out the perfect one for me--do what you will with that) and these shoes/kitty dress combo... because I'm five.

Austin, Texas decided to share Torchy's Tacos with Dallas so B and I ended our day of shopping with a couple fried avocado tacos, salsa and Dublin DP from the tap.
Best worst meal ever.
B immediately regretted trying the deep fried chocolate chip cookies.

Finally, I am working on a Scott Pilgrim post. It will probably suck but I still have to attempt to make it perfect. Stand by. Also, more exciting developments leading up to my big announcement that I will make... soon. I promise.

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  1. oohOOHHhhhhhOOHHH.. big announcement? I'm holding my breath!