Sunday, August 8, 2010

down to 5

I haven't had much to say lately because my life has been pretty boring. I work all day in a tiny room full of boxes and all night in FileMaker Pro on my computer. 
I watch old movies on TCM for hours while I catalog metadata into my database and munch on grapes. This is the less glamourous side of what film archivists do. Actually, most of it is not very glamorous. 

I guess it's a little sad that I'm in Hawaii and have to spend all of my time indoors, staring at a screen but I'm fine with it. I had two weeks of adventure that are permanently carved into my memory as The Great Hawaii Experience

I made a new friend--Tim--who sometimes keeps me company and makes me laugh. We went to the beach at night (which is even better than the beach during the day, if you ask me) and sometimes he'll just talk and talk and I'll listen and not have to say anything, which is nice... you know?

Mostly I am so ready to be done here. I have five days left and they're going to be the busiest five days ever. We had a conference yesterday about digital preservation (this is how cool people spend their Saturdays *insert Madonna NOT joke*) and it was pretty awesome to meet fellow archivists (and librarians/filmmakers/technicians acting as archivists) from the islands. It's nice to see people with no formal training, from small institutions, who have so much knowledge and passion for preserving their A/V heritage. I took a lot from it, including exactly how much I need to get done before I leave.

I will always look back and love this place, but I just want to get back to life now. This summer, like all rewarding experiences, has been equal parts incredible and hard. It was only a couple years ago, before jobs were harder to come by and life got confusing, that B and I had a nice little life. We talk about it every day, and hope that the sacrifice of being apart is worth potentially being able to have that--or something better--again..

When I get back to New York my posts will be full of pictures and stories, and I'll finally be able to *officially* make a very exciting announcement. Remember when I talked about feeling that fire again? I think that may have really changed the way my life was going. I have so much motivation to make life fuller and happier.

Time to make the most of these last five days!


  1. Love this post Brittan. I hear you. I'm in a high rise building everyday and though not in Hawaii, I can see the the city below and just wish that I could go exploring during the day.

    Also, I think our lives are a little similar right now. Bank during the day, foreign films by night, socialising here, socialising there, etc. at least you are in summer! I'm just kicking myself that I'm going to completely miss warm weather in america and then leave austraila just as it gets hot.

    hope you are well x