Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Third Grade

Can you believe it?!
New Chucks? Check. (Now that he's taking skateboarding seriously the Nike SBs are reserved solely for that purpose because I just can't keep buying them when they wear out. He's cool with it.)
School uniform? Check.
Boba Fett lunch box? Er... Nope. It's on backorder till October 22nd and he refuses to settle on another one so he's carrying this thing till then. Sigh.
Same backpack since Pre-K (and still going strong)? Check.
Awkward/uneasy expression? Check.
Awesome new hair cut but bad hair day anyway? Check. Check.

That's about right for a first day of school, isn't it? 


  1. Oh of course. He's a peach. And so your son.

  2. i want a boba fett lunch box....

  3. it's totally not weird that i want to start getting my hair cut like your kid's, right?

  4. third grade. holy crap. and i love his face in this picture. it makes me smile/think of my son. he was probably so annoyed with you, haha. classic.

  5. Awww so cute. And yeah I'd love a bob fett lunch bow. Where can I get one?

  6. oh my God!
    he is really cute. x