Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guess where I am?

Yes, that would be Splinter's beautiful little face.
I'm in Texas for the weekend getting my jaw worked on and spending some quality time with B and kitty girl. I've whined a lot about my headaches on the blog (and everywhere else), so you should be happy to know that I'm finally seeing a TMJ specialist. The ligaments that hold my jaw joints together are shot and all the tension has been keeping me in a 24/7 headache. This procedure better fix it because it takes a long time, is kind of unpleasant and is costing me the better part of this semester's stipend. I thought the way the down payment showed up in my bank account was pretty fitting.

It's been awesome spending time with B and being reminded what's important. I had lunch at his school on Friday and got to hear all about his research project on WWII. We made a paper chain to count down the days till I come back. 
Splinter is still perfect. Don't you just want to curl up next to her?
I spent most of the day yesterday doing research for my thesis. I am so excited about it! I'll do a full post on it and all of the developments that are coming from it sometime this weekend but right now it's time to watch Star Wars.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

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