Thursday, September 9, 2010

iPhone Portraits: Britt Clardy

I'm really into assaulting people with my iPhone 4 camera and calling it a portrait right now. I think it might be my new thing, and who better to start it off than my good friend Britt Clardy?

Britt was in town for the Iggy and the Stooges Raw Power show at ATP and ended up getting to film the show and interview the band. Britt is a huge Stooges fan, and this was pretty much the biggest deal in the world for him. We took him out for Grimaldi's, Shake Shack and all the standard NYC greatness you can squeeze into a weekend, but he remained (understandably) in a post-show daze most of the time. 

I think this photo adequately sums up the nirvana-like trance he was in all weekend, and I think it's just very "Britt" in general. 

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