Monday, September 27, 2010

taking one loop off of the paper chain

Saturday night B and I joined our friends Sabrina and David for dinner at Twisted Root Burger Company for veggie burgers (me), grilled cheese (B) and lots of fried things (*Homer Simpson voice* mmmm spicy fried pickles *drool*). It was delish and the company was great. Yes, he's wearing crazy bands but they're HANSON crazy bands, so it's okay.
Then we went to North Park mall because the Star Wars Build-a-Bears just came out and David thought B absolutely needed one and that he should be the one to build it for him.
 We both put hearts in the bear so it would be like we're together when I'm gone.
Presenting: Mr. Han Grizzly Solo.
We played at the Lego store for a bit and hung out with our sweet friends having parking lot races and great conversation. We are really lucky. After B went to bed I joined my best friend Justin for all night talking and laughing. It felt like the perfect day--the kind that you wish you could hold on to forever, stop time for. The kind that I am humbled by because it seems too good. Morning came of course. I left B in a mess of tears and promises that I would come back as soon as possible. I'm back in the rainy city trying to get caught up on school and life.
Feeling a little lonely and a lot tired but that is, as they say, life.


  1. OMG!! STAR WARS BUILD-A-BEARS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Best thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hanson bands, star wars bears, parking lot races... could your life be any more fabulous. Great post!

  3. Love that bear! Love it!

    How's your face, lady?! If you're still in town this weekend you should bring B to the Oak Cliff Urban Street Bazaar. Noms and crafts!

    If not, you should text me a photo of you in NYC!