Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here's to you, Chelsea.

B and I lived in Chelsea when we first moved to the city. We had our little home, the piers, our friends Danielle and Jimmy close by, PS 11 and Whole Foods on our block. It was, in my opinion, pretty perfect. But PS 11 turned out to be not at all perfect for B and... 
you guys know the rest. 

Danielle and I have picked up our brunch in Chelsea tradition now that I'm back in the city and it is my favorite thing ever. My unwind time. It's hard to find a window in my days that I'm not interning or in class, but I adore Danielle and love any chance to stroll through my old hood and spend an hour chatting with her. 

This week we went to Westville Chelsea on 18th. It's right by Splinter's kitty doctor that fixed her hurt bum and I got all nostalgic and had to take a picture.

I walked up and was immediately feeling the look of the place, but the hot dog sign scared me a little bit. Sometimes places that advertise their hot dogs aren't the best places for vegetarians (which D and I both are).

BUT! Someone in heaven loves me because this is what I wound up with:
...a vegetarian hot dog!!! I sometimes feel left out on the hot dog front (though no part of me actually wants to eat a real one, it's just the charm of it), so this was super exciting for me. It was delicious and paired perfectly with my slushy mint lemonade. However, both were completely upstaged by that mess of green next to it -- garlic pesto mashed potatoes. Amazing. (There are two plates of green because I totally copied Danielle and ordered the exact same thing as her. She'd been there before so I figured she knew what was up.)

That's a pretty cute green meal, isn't it? Mmm... it was so good. Seeing D was so good, too. She and Jimmy are pregnant (!!!!!) and she's glowing from head to toe in that very beautiful, serene way that moms-to-be do. (I should have taken a picture but I always feel so guilty accosting my friends mid-meal for my blog's sake.) Like always, she gave me great advice and we chatted about leaving behind our Dallas lives (TRIVIA: Danielle and I met working for a film festival in Dallas. She moved here first. I copied that too.) and all the other secret things we chat about at our Chelsea brunches. It was lovely.

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