Monday, November 22, 2010

B's latest research project

(B made his own P-51 Mustang to go along with his paper. Impressive, no? Splinter was impressed.)

An excerpt (that I will not edit, despite every editorial instinct): 
P-51 Mustangs were the best propeller planes during World War II.  They could dog-fight very well and looked much like the British Spitfire.  In fact, they had some of the parts used to make the Spitfire, such as the water-cooled 1,500 horsepower engine.  They both had 3 machine guns on both wings and had the same shape.  The P-51, however, had the best accuracy, speed, and range.

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  1. That is awesome! Jake makes models all the time and loves him some Mustangs -- He's very impressed by B's creation and so am I!