Friday, November 5, 2010

Costume of Epic Epicness

I was in Texas for Halloween and it was glorious. I spent the whole weekend cuddling with B, cooking elaborate meals and doing thesis related research. Saturday night I went to a Halloween party with some of my best friends and came up with the Best Costume Ever. This is the most proud I've ever been of a Halloween creation, despite the fact that no one knew who I was. I know how legit my costume was and that's all that matters. I didn't get a good picture due to bad lighting and missed opportunities, but I tried to at least capture the best parts of the creation. Behold, RAMONA FLOWERS:
You guys know how I love Scott Pilgrim. I decided to base the costume on the cover of the 5th book because I think it's her most iconic look and important story arc. (Nerd.)
I couldn't find the pink shorts in my budget so I went with sparkly black shorts and I forgot to put my hood up in any of the pictures, but I still think I nailed it. I even included the goggles she wears later in the book. I made her subspace highway bag out of a circular box, felt and ribbon and B (no joke) made me a box and dowel version of the giant hammer she uses to fight her evil ex-girlfriend. I found affordable wigs tacky and couldn't risk dying my hair, so I channeled Ramona's best (in my opinion) color with extensions and shortened my long hair with bobby pins.
Best Friend Justin and I were by far the nerdiest people at this party...
but his was definitely the best Ash Ketchum costume I've ever seen.
I mean, right? He's so cute.
Cody (you should learn about him here) is one of our long time, closest friends. His crazy work and life schedule have kept him away from us for a long time but even after a year or so of no hangouts, it was just like old times. He was his Facebook page for Halloween (classy status update and all) and let everyone sign his "wall." I love that even though I don't have a Facebook myself, I made an appearance in Justin's profile picture.
I have to admit, I felt pretty hot and powerful as Ramona Flowers. I could have singlehandedly made it through a thousand evil exes, found myself and fallen in love in that costume. I've always felt super connected to the character, and becoming her for a night was empowering... and a little bit dreamy.


  1. That is definitely the best costume ever, and I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it!! The hammer is freaking amazing....and I can't believe you made the bag! Perfect!

  2. that looks like an awesome halloween! I love your costume!