Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm not really ready to move on from October, so...

I had a very busy week at a conference in Philadelphia this week, and have been dealing with all sorts of feelings and pressure and what not...  So before I force myself to start thinking and posting about that, here's one last self indulgent post about Halloween weekend in Texas. While I was there I took several meetings with successful business owners, consultants and others who are helping out with this little project of mine, who also happen to be some of my closest, most trusted friends. Whenever I get depressed that I'm going to have to leave New York eventually, I just need to think about how lucky I am to have the relationships that I have in Texas. I also did quite a bit of thesis related research at the Courthouse on the Square Museum and Emily Fowler library in Denton and the University of North Texas Library. I got to dig through files, photos and microfilm on my theater for hours, and the librarians and curators I dealt with were so gracious and helpful. I made some fascinating discoveries that I can't wait to share...
I've so missed being domestic lately, so I spent quite a bit of time wandering the wide, open, clean aisles of Super Target (oh the things you appreciate after living in Brooklyn) with B. He picked out the perfect fall hoodie and sat in the basket (even though he more than takes up the whole thing now) making a list of all the toys he wants for Christmas. I spent an excessive amount of time picking out the perfect produce and buying spices for the overly complicated dinner I planned to make. It's strange how a day of errands with your child can be so perfect and special when you've been without it for so long.
That Thursday and Friday I had lunch at school with B (we split a footlong veggie sub -- it's weird to me that we like our sandwich the exact same way) and conferenced with his teacher. It was nice to hear from someone who understands and has worked for years with gifted children. She has so much patience for his behavior and learning style (she even lets him sit on the floor because it makes him uncomfortable to sit at a desk) but pushes him to get better and try harder. She's recruiting him for the math team and thinks they can win at competition with his freakish ability to calculate quickly in his head. I so appreciate her respect for him as a person and for me as a parent. I know now that we made the right choice sending him back to Texas and focusing on his education. I also got to attend my first and only soccer game of this season. They lost but it was an absolutely perfect sunny, warm, breezy day and I had a venti Chai and got to cheer my little dude on. There wasn't a second that entire weekend that I wasn't "in the moment" just enjoying everything and everyone around me. 
Now it's November, I'm conferenced out and I had to be somewhere half an hour ago but am sitting on my living room floor dreading the rainy, sleety, freezing weather I'm about to venture out into. I'm allowing myself five more minutes to look at these pictures and eat my Raisin Bran and then it's time to move on.


  1. so isn't it funny to think that i was in that same target probably about 2 weeks before you? i was buying blue bell.. i also have pictures.. ;)

  2. I am so excited about all you're doing for this thesis and film-related work. It sounds so important and of course- fundamental to society! I'm itching for updates.

    Your boy is so darn cute, really.

  3. Cute blog! Sounds really lovely, and you have the cutest boy ever!