Saturday, November 27, 2010

last stop on the Shout It Out tour!

I got on a bus late Monday night to head to Toronto. Ten hours on the Megabus was worth it the second I got into the beautiful city that is Toronto Tuesday morning, where I met up with my sweet Canadians Charlotte and Laura. We grabbed some Tim Hortons and made our way out to the Guvernment for a full day of Hanson. It's been a long time since I did the whole Hanson fan "thing" (yes, there's a thing) where you camp out all day for a spot close to the stage and join the guys on their charity walk (it's awesome, learn more here:, but I thought the experience of traveling to Toronto and being with my friends called for it. So we waited outside in the FREEZING cold all day (truth be told, I barely made it and had to make several trips to Loblaws to keep the hypothermia at bay) and took the barefoot walk with Hanson. This is Charlotte and if you look between the blonde head and the fuzzy hat you will see Zac Hanson's messy hair, which is funny because I didn't even realize he was in the picture.
After what felt like an eternity, we finally made it inside and I finally stopped complaining. We ended up three rows back in the middle, a nearly perfect spot, and made it through another wait and a typical "meh" opening act that at least involved some serious eye candy. Aren't Charlotte and Laura the cutest, even in low club light?
Isaac, Taylor and Zac finally graced us with their presence somewhere around 10 and played a super long, super worth-the-wait set. They covered most of the new album, Shout It Out, which is definitely their best album to date, the old staples and some great covers, including The Beatles' Oh, Darling (I took a short video: it gets great around the 1:00 mark and then cuts off because I wanted to enjoy the moment).
They ended the night with two songs from their 1998 Christmas album. It is, in my opinion, the best Christmas album ever. As soon as it gets cold enough, I start playing it on repeat and am instantly super happy and excited for the holidays. I highly recommend it if you want to get into the Christmas spirit, especially this song: (Taylor's piano intro on that one just warms my heart.) I took a video of them doing Run, Run Rudolph at the end of the show for my Hanson loving bff Wendy, but you should watch it too because it's really fun. Taylor bangs on the piano for a few seconds in the beginning of the video and that is literally one of my favorite things of all time.
It was a perfect night and a perfect show. I've lost count of how many I've been to over the last 13 years but it's somewhere in the 20s and I have no plans of stopping. I just love them. Hanson means so much to me because of what they represent. The happiness, the perseverance, the generosity. They taught me to not listen to the haters and to be proud of who I am, to stand up for myself and what's right. For me they are about growing up and always trying to be better, do better, give more and seek out happiness. They're also about finding a place that you belong when you spent most of your life never fitting in. Their songs have always resonated with me on a really personal level and I love them for it. It was great to be there with Charlotte and Laura who feel the same way.

More about the rest of my wonderful Toronto trip soon.

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  1. O-K so the comment that I left didn't post. It went something like this - I'm so very jealous that you got to see them do Christmas stuff because I've always hoped they'd come to Dallas close enough to Christmas and do Snowed In songs. It's probably the only thing left on my Hanson bucket list besides actually marrying Isaac.