Monday, November 22, 2010

Living with Ladies

Means an entire cupboard dedicated to tea and two tea kettles (one of them hidden under a handmade Cylon tea cozy because they are awesome ladies). It means weekends spent in pajamas watching old movies, working on school stuff, ordering in and laughing. It means Golden Girls and The Nanny marathons, impromptu dance parties and someone to hug you or cuddle with you when you need it. I'm sorry to be super cheesy right now, but I never thought I would get a chance to live with female roommates and I'm really glad that I'm having this experience. I'm just so grateful to get to be around smart, ballsy, funny, interesting women and that I have two more people to love. This is probably something most of you got to do a long time ago, in college or whatever, but it's a novel thing for me. From what I understand, Swinny and Sam are pretty ideal as roommates go, and they're super supportive as friends and classmates. I love the sound of the tea kettle and the creek of the floor as one of us comes down our long hallway. I love our mismatched couches, big cozy rug and soft lighting. I just feel lucky, is all.

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