Monday, November 1, 2010

She's calling Brooklyn home

This is where I live now.
I share a big apartment with Ashley (Swinny) and Sam (who are in the MIAP program with me and are wonderful) and a few of my favorite things...
Pretty, tree-lined Brooklyn streets.
My favorite scents, pictures of my best friends, special little things.
Random favorite movies, records, 35mm film trailers, books and my favorite picture given to me by Merritt and Michelle when I left Dallas.

Blu-rays. The R+J and Moulin Rouge blu-rays came in the mail the other day and I had a legit emotional reaction. If you want to come to the watching party, let me know!
Box sets, Criterion DVDs, film books.
Alamo Drafthouse Pretty in Pink poster, can of burnt nitrate film, B picture, beloved sewing machine.
The typical messy stack of books and laptop, my comfy bed and Salvador Doggi taking a nap on it.
Theatre curtains and a beautiful picture taken by my sweet friend Kelly.
(Check out her website. She is so talented.)
We had a housewarming party and decided to let everyone paint our walls. This is what we ended up with. I particularly love the Sons of Anarchy reworking -- "Sons of Archiving" -- with the grim reaper holding a film reel. 
(Wall pictures taken by roommate Sam.)
Favorite art picked out by Swinny and I here.
The longest hallway in the history of hallways. 
It took two pictures to get the whole thing!
Lovely rooftop view of Manhattan. Perfect for parties.

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