Saturday, November 27, 2010

Toronto with Love

The look on my face in this picture pretty much sums up my whole experience in Toronto.
That would be me having my first poutine. The original vegetarian poutine at Smokes in Toronto. Best thing I've ever put in my mouth (that's what she said). Tell your friends.

The drive into Toronto is beautiful. I was immediately struck by how lovely and welcoming the city is. I could go on and on about Charlotte's perfect basement apartment, her kitty Hoshi, the beautiful neighborhood she lives in, how clean and calm and beautiful the city is, all of the friendly, awesome people I met, etc... but I've been pretty gushy lately so I'll just stick to my favorite pictures from the couple days I was there.
My only request (besides poutine) was that I get to see some of the important Scott Pilgrim locations. It turns out those books (and movie) are basically a map around Toronto and just about everything was in walking distance. I think I saw literally every location in the books but these were some of my favorites:
(I did my best Julie Powers impression and Laura did her best Kim Pine at Second Cup.)
(This is possibly funny if you've seen the movie.)

Before going out we met up with some of Charlotte's friends who were adorable and super friendly. I had to share this picture out of its sheer ridiculousness.
Sneaky Dee's was so fun. Upstairs was 90s hip hop night where Charlotte and I danced for hours with a super fun, super dancy, super attractive hipsterish crowd to some of my favorite music. She's such a good dancer and everyone there was so fun! It reminded me of my sweet friends in Austin, only straighter. We went downstairs after last call for nachos because that's one of Charlotte's (who doesn't read SP) favorite pastimes. It's a total coincidence that it's also one of Scott Pilgrim's favorite pastimes. I swear. They are, for the record, insanely good nachos.

The coolest thing was seeing Casa Loma and the Baldwin Steps.

Charlotte took this sweet picture of me that reminded me of a scene from the movie.
There was a moment walking through a little row of flats across from Casa Loma where I completely fell in love with the city. They were gorgeous row houses, like the beautiful people in movies set in London live in, with white marble and little steps leading up to huge, navy doors, bay windows and cobbled, tree-lined streets. They were perfect and I thought if I could afford it I would buy one right there on the spot and never leave. 

Yep, this trip was short but one of my favorites. Charlotte and Laura are amazing women that I feel I was meant to meet. Toronto is nearly perfect, cold weather and all, and I felt aligned and at home in it. This trip was good for my soul and my disposition. I needed late night girl talk, booty dancing, calories, Hanson, etc. Laura predicted I would fall in love on/as a result of this trip and I think she may have been right.


  1. I am loving this post! all the photos are gorgeous and your commentary is just perfect :) I long to visit toronto!


  2. You are just the cutest girl ever. Can I have that hat in the first picture? And your wardrobe actually?

  3. This is such a lovely post! I've never been to Toronto, but now I really want to!