Saturday, November 20, 2010

Washington Square walk to work

Coming out of the W. 4th Subway on the opposite side than I usually come out of allowed for this stroll through Washington Square Park on my way to work. Autumn is my most favorite. It always makes me feel excited, like good things are just around the corner. Also, wearing a scarf and crunching leaves with your boots is an insta-cure for any mood ailment. I think I'm out of my funk. I've decided to be happy and look for the good around me again. Soak in the turning trees and relish every moment. Whether it's allowing yourself to continue to love or just enjoying the weather, life is too short and too hard to not seek out the good things and be happy in those moments. I really believe that.

1 comment:

  1. love this. i need to decide to be happy more often, myself. let's get together post-thanksgiving. maybe you should take a physique class with me and then we could grab some healthy eats at whole foods. sometimes it's good to have a partner for some of this stuff.