Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"a blessing of spending time with family and old friends"

That's how my best friend, Gregg, said I should look at this trying time. He's so smart. B and I can't be at grandma's house right now so, rather than going back and hanging out alone in my Brooklyn apartment, we are traveling the country to see the other people we love. Right now we are in Kentucky, where I have three half sisters, two amazing parents, a nephew and two nieces, including Gracie Lou Who up there in the photo. She's been melting my heart all week.

We drove through caves filled with Christmas lights, stayed up all night talking, opened Christmas presents... I'm kind of emotional and don't know what to say right now except that I'm overwhelmed by how loved B and I are. This is only our second time visiting this side of my family but it doesn't feel like it. In fact, I've never felt more like part of a family.
(My sister Emily is gorgeous and so cool. That's all.)

We leave Friday to fly to Colorado and spend Christmas with my soulmate, Bonnie. Her blog post about it is so beautiful and made me cry:
I haven't seen her since I graduated from college in June 2007. Could you imagine going that long without seeing your best friend? Never meeting her daughter? It's crazy. The hope of New Years with Gregg and Justin and maybe even Daniel lies just beyond that. Hopefully I will see the Joneses somewhere in there, the family that saw me through my early teens and loves me like a daughter. They're all getting married and being grownups, and I never get to see them anymore. So, yes, it is a blessing. I feel really, really blessed to be so surrounded by so much love right now.


  1. oh i love you. seriously. LOVE. to my dad you will always be 3D.