Thursday, December 30, 2010


I've spent the last three years wishing I could just sit in a coffee shop with Bonnie and chat over tea. On Sunday her husband watched the little ones while we snuck away for an entire day (can you imagine?!) to ourselves. We made a Starbucks run and she had her first iced soy chai latte--my favorite! Then we began our trip to Boulder, which included listening to Biggie, laughing hysterically, life planning and getting lost. It was perfect.
We finally found our way up the mountain and into Boulder, ready to explore and make up for lost best friend time. We parked near a little art museum, paid the $4 admission and found ourselves alone in a huge, gorgeous, naturally lit space. Others might have been bored in a nearly empty space with white washed walls, wood floors and only two small exhibits but for a photographer and dancer, it was like a playground.
We eventually decided to stop terrorizing the poor girl working at the museum and moved on to stroll down the streets of historic downtown Boulder. We watched the ice skaters and checked out every little cafe and shop along the cobbled paths. We tried on dresses and watched street performers.
 Bonnie had her first taste of sushi... if you can call it that. We're both vegetarian so we had miso soup, grilled rice, an avocado roll and an asparagus tempura roll. Yum.
We sat for hours, talking and observing. It was much needed. I've been thinking a lot about what matters most to me -- being surrounded by people I love and who love me. There is nothing more important. I don't see a long-term relationship or marriage in my future and I have no idea where I'll end up, but I am grasping at the friendships I hold dear. Will it be another three and a half years before I see my best friend again? God, I hope not. For now I'm just glad I got a day with her full of little firsts. It felt, somehow, like the beginning of something... or maybe just a reawakening of something.


  1. i miss you two. i realize that's weird because i've never met bonnie, but whatever. i miss her anyway. <2

  2. Tears, tears. I miss you so much already. Three years till next time. I think not.

  3. Sounds like the perfect day. Glad you got to spend some time together!