Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa came to Denver

The kids bounced downstairs bright and early Christmas morning and, upon seeing what Santa left each of them, proceeded to pass out one by one.
B was not expecting Rock Band 3 at all and the shock almost did him in. John and Mela got bikes and drums and a play kitchen. (I told you Santa always brings the best presents.)
As impressive as Santa was, I think I won this year. Check out the Boba Fett backpack I scored for B. Pardon my lack of humility, but I freaking rule at gifting. How cool is this?
B and I gave John the set of Harry Potter books and a costume to match. 
Predictable but necessary.
This was a special Christmas for me because I got to meet Bonnie's daughter for the first time. We are now in love and I am introducing her to ballet. I gave her her first pair of shoes, leotard and tights for Christmas and brought my own so we could dance together.
Bonnie and I snuck out halfway through the day to see True Grit and let the kiddos bask in the glory of their loot. Comic books, light sabers (as if he needs more of those), a Star Wars galaxy planetarium... I don't even remember what else. B done good this year. 
Now we get to figure out how to get it all back to Texas!

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