Thursday, December 2, 2010


iCarly is funny. I know I'm not supposed to like my kid's shows, but I can't help it. The older brother is hot and I am basically grownup Sam. B and I have seasons of it on DVD and he records new episodes so we can watch them together when I'm in Texas. It reminds me of the old Pete and Pete days of the Nick of my childhood. Ever since my first semester of MIAP when I discovered that my classmate gals love it too, I've thought about making Spencer's famous (among the K - 5 crowd) spaghetti tacos.
Last night was the night. A night for Love Actually, girl talk and SPAGHETTI TACOS. In my family we do taco bars -- complete with every topping you could ever want, real meat and soy "meat" for moi, different cheeses, veggies, salsas and so on -- so I did it the only way I know how:
- spicy spaghetti sauce
- separate spicy sauce with Boca crumbles for me
- my hand fried crispy taco shells like my mom makes
- typical taco shells from a box in case no one likes the ones I make
- mozzarella
- fresh spinach
- pesto
- black olives
Oddly enough, it wasn't that weird and was super delicious. The roomies enjoyed as did the other 4 of us, and even Swinny's heart was warmed by Love Actually. 
Girl nights are the best.
Anyone else brave enough to admit to watching iCarly? 
Perhaps even making this delicacy?



  2. maybe. probably not. but i did watch love actually like 2 days ago. and i'll probably watch it at least 20 more times before christmas. :)

  3. I've heard of the infamous iCarly spaghetti tacos...but I've never sampled iCarly or the tacos. However I LOVE PETE & PETE!!

  4. Um... I love iCarly, and I'll totally admit it. You do look like Sam! I've been home sick so I had some time to catch up on a few of your old posts, and I'm convinced that we're long lost twins - your love of Hanson (oh Hanson...), old movies, Scott Pilgrim, Harry Potter, vegetarian food and the quintessential quarter-life crisis matches mine. So glad I found your blog!

    Oh, and I'm glad to hear that your grandma's doing ok. I'll keep her in my thoughts during her recovery!

  5. 1. yum
    2. i adore, ADORE!!! love actually
    3. when i get my schedule for the week, we'll figure out a time that works (finally).
    4. how is your grandmother?
    5. your last comment was maybe the best ever