Thursday, December 16, 2010

This has been life all week

If you're not familiar, this is what it looks like when you come home from grad school early and still have final papers to write and your giant Nonny (my affectionate name for Splinter) demands prime territory on top of your notes.

Yep, I've been writing from about 7am to midnight (or 2am) every day since I got home, with short breaks for the following:
 The lovely Daniel let me borrow this treasure for the flight home. I have read it thrice. Maybe if I were less of a little boy at heart I would be better at grad school and dating and life in general.
I've also taken a lunch break every day, spent eating sandwiches with B at his school. As you can see, he finally got in the Boba Fett lunchbox he'd been waiting forever for. He also crosses his eyes in every picture, which drives me endlessly crazy... which is probably why he does it. Lunch at his school is so weird. The kids are nice and well behaved. It's a small school full of smart kids who eat healthy lunches and talk quietly. There are only three tables and the cafeteria is generally clean when they're done with it. There are no boys mixing all of their food together (chocolate milk included) and daring each other to eat it, no lunch meat flying across the room and hitting a little girl in the head, no yelling or arguing over seat assignments. In fact, there are no seat assignments. The kids can sit wherever they'd like and they do... with no drama... at all. I don't understand this. It goes against everything I learned as a child and everything B experienced in New York. Yesterday the served lunch was a choice of salad or a turkey sandwich full of veggies and kids were happily eating it! Honestly, little things like this are the reason I keep some faith in the world.

So that's been my life. I Skyped into my last class of the semester last night to give my presentation. It turns out Digital Preservation class gives you a migraine whether you're at NYU or in your bed in Texas. Killer headache and all, I presented and feel worlds better than I did this time last semester. There is no comparison, really. I'm actually on top of things and feeling optimistic. Also, that presentation is on its way to becoming something special for my fellow bloggers. I'll explain more once the semester is over. I have one more very big paper to finish that will probably take today and tomorrow and then I get to think about that, my thesis and the holidays!

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  1. I love me some Ninja Turtles! And I can't even imagine a lunch room like your sons. I always went to public school here in the city, and now I'm teaching, and the lunch room's always been a circus! The kid's are good, but they're trading their carrots for chips and singing as loud as they can. It's hilarious, but crazy.

    Good luck with your paper! I have a 5-10 page paper to write today... meaning I have a 5-page paper to write today, ha! Totally not looking forward to it, so at least I'm in good company!