Sunday, December 5, 2010

This weekend I:

- Went on a nice date to see a truly terrible movie.
- Did not see The Black Swan, despite the fact that I've been waiting my whole life (and, realistically, over a year) for it. Le Sigh.
- Almost died of embarrassment.
- Ate at two delicious vegetarian restaurants: Quantum Leap in Manhattan and Veggie Heaven in New Jersey. Yum.
- Took my buddy Sneve clothes shopping and had the MOST fun in the process.
- Went to Asbury Park in NJ with the same Sneve (who was also present at the vegetarian restaurants) and saw a big Christmas tree and a mid-day punk show - The Ergs, so fun.
- Didn't really sleep.
- Worked on my Digital Preservation paper, which is all about blogging. (Which is also the only reason I'm posting right now when I really don't feel like it at all.)
- Got an update on my grandma (just a couple hours ago) that I will share as soon as I muster the energy. Right now I am tired and Francoise Hardy is trying to sing me to sleep. 


  1. Don't leave us in suspense - what was the terrible movie?

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend. I can't wait for Black Swan, as soon as I get over this ridiculous cold I have to check it out. And I agree with Wendy - what was the terrible movie?!!