Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1.1.11 in ATX

As you can probably tell from my NYE photos, I had a really good time in Austin this weekend. I woke up on the first of 2011 (first, naturally, as I am the non-drinker of the group) to a hung over best friend Gregg wearing my shirt. Confusing.
Then he tried on my NYE shoes and looked better in them than I did, which was decidedly less confusing.
We spent the rest of the day laying around with our friends, being excessively affectionate and hilarious. We took a trip to show Daniel (our resident Australian by way of Brooklyn) Zilker Park and then made an HEB run for dinner provisions. Gregg promised to make me a vegetarian version of his famous chicken tortilla soup (which Justin claims is half his, just saying...) and we cooked and gorged while watching Mean Girls. Pretty perfect.
How amazing does that look? Maybe I had three bowls...

I took prom pictures with Robin, got some late-night storytelling from Adam (the best story teller you will ever meet) and played with the ugliest dog ever.
Also this happened...
I would like to add that that story is 100% true. It was a nearly-perfect start to the new year. The only thing missing was Justin, but the next day we came back to Dallas and had a nice, super nerdy night with him and Will, touring a historic movie theater, playing arcade games at Barcadia and trying out the sais he got for Christmas.
(Sidenote: I severely beat everyone at skeeball. It was a massacre.)
As I tweeted that night: My best friend is a late-twenties mutant ninja gay. Yep, dancing, eating, laughing and geeking out with your favorite people is a great way to start a year. Coming down with the flu like I did later that night is less great, but at least I got some good partying and loving in before I had to be quarantined. 


  1. swinnz (is kinda gross)January 5, 2011 at 1:50 AM

    i just laughed so hard at that true story that a little bit of drool escaped from my mouth and landed on the bedspread. which is also a true story.

  2. First, swinnz comment just made me spit out some cereal I was eating and I'm now cleaning off my computer screen. Hilarious. And second, the skirt looks so good! Bless that store. I plan to go there as soon as my ass shrinks.