Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art House Convergence

I spent my week at the Art House Convergence, part of the Sundance Art House Project. It was a chance to meet with art house theater operators, programmers and distributors to share ideas and make connections. I was a sponge all week, soaking in all the information I could that will eventually make its way into my thesis and theater project in Denton. One of my favorite moments of the conference was the opening key note speech by Russ Collins, which you should definitely read here:

"At this Art House Convergence our vision of the Art House is to be a special place that celebrates the richness of the cinema experience. It is a rich and special experience because people gather there to connect with insightful creative expressions, to be in a community and to risk the chance to have their minds, maybe even their lives transform through the power of art." - an excerpt - 
Michael Moore's closing key note speech was equally inspiring, but we were asked to stay off the record so (I'm assuming) no transcript exists. I had the opportunity to moderate roundtable discussions (Borrowing Film Prints from Archives: What to Expect, What You Need to Know – Moderator, Brittan Dunham, Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program at NYU) that challenged my ideas and knowledge of a subject that's very important to me, and opened the door for more communication and, hopefully, progress. There were so many moments throughout the week that fueled the thought process, the ongoing debate in my head about film vs. digital (or film and digital) projection, and the motivation to increase the availability to the art form that has so touched and shaped my life. I'll be sharing them here as I pour back through my notes and start shaping my ideas into a coherent thesis paper. It was also awesome to spend the week hanging out with my friends James and Amy of the Citizen Theater in Fort Worth and making new friends. So many people offered their support throughout the week that I feel like I can move forward with confidence.

Finally, the Homestead Resort was just. GORGEOUS. 
 (above: my cabin)

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