Monday, January 24, 2011

My Utah

The Convergence and Sundance were fun and inspiring, but this is my Utah

Brunch with Missy at our favorite place, Eggs in the City, watching the genius that is Will & Grace (no one appreciates that show like we do) and finally laughing about the things we said we'd laugh about one day.
My sweet Jesse who would give me the shirt off his back and cancel a trip with his friends to spend an evening driving me up and down the canyon. I feel most at home sitting under the stars with him in silence as we have done every time we're together for the last six years. I feel like I offer very little in return for his willingness to be there for me at the drop of a hat and yet, there he is. My trusty friend. 
Seeing Katie and her beautiful children that I love like my own. If you've read this blog for long you know that Jaren is B's best friend forever and so on. He's also the sweetest kid I know. Lainey and I would definitely be best friends if I were around more. I love being their "Britty." Katie has always loved me like a sister and I miss her so.
My Utah has always been riding horses, hiking, being outdoors and thinking about family. My own little family and my extended family in Utah and elsewhere. I was lucky on this trip to see friends from New York, L.A., DFW, Utah and all across the country, but it's these people who make Utah the home I'll never actually live in. 

(These last four photos by Missy.)

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  1. whoa sweet pictures Brittan- your hair is wild and great.

    and uhh next time..we should go to sundance together. I saw 'Submarine' but that was it!