Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sundance 2011

I only spent a few days at the actual Sundance Film Festival after my conference wrapped up, but it was a good few days. The few films I managed to snag tickets to were: GRAB (a doc from the Indigenous Showcase), Shorts Block 5 (in which PIONEER, a film produced by my good friend James who was also at the Convergence, premiered) and Doc Shorts 1 (in which my friend Walter's film, NEGATIVIPEG, premiered) and Miranda July's THE FUTURE. I woke up early and rushed to meet Walter who was waiting with my ticket to the 8:30am screening of THE FUTURE. The film is about fear, but those intangible fears that resonate with anyone who is uncomfortable with the notion of getting older and facing what lies ahead. Worse yet, the story is guided along by a cat who ends up being the one (unheard) voice for love in its purest form. Yes, it's very sad. I cried many tears at an earlier hour than I typically like to, but I did really love the film and left feeling refreshed. I think I connected with it because the deepest, most complex emotions in the film are expressed abstractly, through dance, movement and symbolic imagery, and that's how my brain tends to work. The rest of my time at Sundance was spent going to parties and catching up with friends from Dallas and all over, hanging out with Walter and getting free massages. It was hard to leave when there were so many films and friends left to see, but my last semester of grad school and pitifully empty bank account would not permit me to stay any longer. Sigh.

(photo by Missy)

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